Sow your own Spring Sunshine with Sunflowers

September is the bright and vibrant start of the Spring season. Your garden perks up and is painted with colour! It’s a time of new growth, new life and refreshment. We love Spring time!

Sunflowers are the perfect plants to put a smile on your face. With golden petals, and stems that tower over most parts of your garden, these are such cheerful additions to your yard. Create a little sunshine and happiness in the world - and your garden - and sow some sunny Spring sunflowers for a pop of colour.

Life is a Garden - a lover of sunflowers - is an avid supporter of The Sunflower Fund and the amazing work they do. The fund's biggest national campaign “Sunflower Day” will be celebrated on 15 September 2017, where we see what was previously known as ‘Bandana Day’ renewed and revitalised! Instead of bandanas, their new product the ‘Tube of Hope (TOPE)’ will be available for its second year running, at a cost of R25 each. The public are encouraged to show support for people fighting chronic blood conditions like Leukaemia and remember that “Hope begins with you!”

For many patients diagnosed with a blood disorder or blood cancer such as Leukaemia, their only chance of survival is finding a matching stem cell donor. We all have such a unique mix of DNA that finding a stem cell match is incredibly tough - for a patient, the chances of finding a match is 1 in 100,000! The more donors on the registry, the greater the chance of finding a match and giving someone’s child, parent or friend the hope of life.

Visit your local GCA Garden Centre between 16 August and 15 September (ending on Sunflower Day), purchase any stickered product and help Life is a Garden help The Sunflower Fund - all proceeds will be donated to the fund. Also visit your local Pick n Pay Retailer and purchase your TOPE (Tube of Hope) only R25 in support of The Sunflower Fund.

Let’s start sowing some sunflowers!

What you will need:

  • 1 x weather-treated photo frame
  • 2 x  hooks
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Bonemeal/Superphosphate (do not use bonemeal if you have dogs)
  • Wooden planter box (optional)
  • Weed barrier cloth (if using a planter box)
  • Glue (optional)
  • Mini chalkboard
  • Some chalk
  • A tree with a nice straight branch

How to sow sunflowers

  • Firstly, you need to decide whether or not you will be making a wooden box to sow your sunflowers in. If making up the wooden box from scratch, cut plastic sheeting or weed barrier cloth to fit snugly inside the box (parents, please do any and all cutting, hammering etc - we don’t want any unnecessary injuries to kiddies!)
  • You are going to need good drainage for your sunflowers to grow tall! Cut holes in the bottom of this box (parents, you may want to jump in here too) and layer drainage stones to assist with drainage. Top the stones with a mixture of potting mix and bonemeal.
  • Get your kiddies to poke holes in the soil for your sunflower seeds, showing them to space the seeds around 15cm apart. No matter where you sow your seeds, ensure that you use some bonemeal, compost and/or potting mix so that your plants grow strong and glow with colour.
  • Once your kids have sown the sunflower seeds in the soil, cover them up with soil. Remember to give them a good watering.
  • Your sunflowers will start to grow! Now, it’s time to move your planter box on top of a wooden table, with the frame attached to the branch using the hooks.
  • Get your little ones to write their names on the chalkboard and ask them to hold the chalkboard behind the frame, next to the sunflowers. Glue the chalkboard to the frame if you prefer. Then, have some fun, getting your kids to pose behind the frame for some nice pictures. A perfect opportunity to get the whole family involved!

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