Sprouting Seeds

Nature is fascinating! Why not show your kids the magic of Mother Nature by experiencing, first-hand, how a simple seed sprouts into life!

What you need:

  • Plastic tray
  • Paper towel/ Carlton roll
  • Mixed seeds (We used mixed beans, peas, sweet corn and sweetpea seeds)
  • Water

Step 1:

Place a layer or two of paper towel in your tray. Pour water evenly over the paper towel, making sure it is quite moist.

Step 2:

Gently “plant” your seeds by placing them on the moist paper towel.  
“Plant” a variety of seeds in rows so you can map out where each seed was. It will make it easier to refer to later.

Step 3:

Place a layer of fairly damp paper towel over the seeds to tuck them.

Step 4:

Get the kids to make their predictions on which seeds would be the first to sprout!

Step 5:

The kids will love peeking in to see what was happening to the seeds. Depending on which ones you use, they might even surprise you and some may sprout over night!

Make sure you keep the paper towel damp.

Step 6:

Keep an eye on your tray and see what happens in a few … the tray will have exploded with sprouted seeds. The kids will be so intrigued by the roots sprouting everywhere.

Isn’t it amazing, no soil, and they can still grow!

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