Project of the month: Start a compost heap

To get the most out of your garden, why not start a compost heap and use your waste for good. A compost heap is quick and easy to set up and your garden will love you for it.

To get started you will need an area that is fairly out of sight to visitors and a large container, ideally, one that can seal, these can be purchased from your GCA Garden Centre. Place a combination of green and brown scraps into the container with green scraps coming from fruits, vegetables and similar products and brown being leaves and bark scraps amongst others. The combination of the green and brown work together to feed the organisms that break down the scraps and provide nitrogen to build the cell structure for the compost. Once you have put your green and brown scraps into your container apply some Organic Compost Activator to get the microbes working. Mix the compost every week and when it starts to look like soil, it is ready for you to use.


For more information on bringing Life to your Garden, visit your local GCA Garden Centre:

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