The enchantment of a twilight garden

When the sun sets, there is beauty and tranquillity to be enjoyed in our African gardens.

There is a simple elegance and peacefulness in a garden designed to be at its best in the evening. It is a place where white- and pale-coloured plants take on an iridescent beauty, and where strong colours darken, adding a mysterious quality.

A twilight garden need not be large. It can be part of the main garden, or situated near a patio. In this garden it is best if the design is kept simple and uncluttered, with well-lit paths constructed of light-coloured paving. A suitable focal point could be a small pool where moonlight is reflected in the water. White and stone urns, statues and benches are more visible.

Whether you enjoy sitting on the patio or in your garden in the evening, there are many delights to be found in a twilight garden:

Murraya exotica

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