The Sweetest Tepee

When the word “tepee” is bandied about, most people think of a rather large structure. Well it doesn’t have to be. Show your kids the joy of building a mini tepee using fast growing sweet peas for a scented treat they won’t forget!

What you’ll need:

  • Dwarf sweet pea seeds – they can be soaked in luke warm water overnight for faster germination or planted as is (The taller sweetpeas can be used to make larger tepees)
  • 6 x 30-40cm skinny bamboo or dowel sticks
  • 30cm diameter pot – does not need to be very deep
  • String (cut into 5 pieces – 10cm, 15cm, 20cm, 30cm and a 50cm)
  • Small hairclips for attaching the growing vines to the structure
  • Potting soil
  • Spade
  • Watering can

Step 1

Pop the potting soil into your pot, filling it to the top.

Step 2

Push the first two stakes into the soil opposite each other about 2-3 cm from the edge of the pot. Take your 10cm long piece of string and tie a knot around the first stake (about 5 cm from the top). Take the loose ends and tie the first stake to the second, crossing them over each other and securing them firmly.

Step 3

Repeat step 2 using the third and fourth stakes but this time using your 15cm piece of string. Once done, use the excess string to tie the first two and second two stakes together.

Then lastly do the same process with the fifth and sixth stakes, using the 20cm piece of string and then tie all three of the sets together.

Make sure you give them a nice even spread around the base of the pot.

Step 4

Take the 50cm piece of string and tie it to one of the stakes, roughly one third of the way up. Now weave and loop the string around each of the stakes until you reach your starting point. Tie it and snip off any excess string.

Step 5

Repeat Step 4 about two thirds of the way up with the 30cm piece of string.

Step 6

Plant your seeds around the outer edges of the tepee. Simply make a hole with your finger, drop the seed in and cover again.

Step 7

Now give them a good soaking and be sure to follow the instructions on the packet to make sure your plants will reach their full potential. Is it not just the sweetest tepee?

Step 8

As your sweet peas grow, you can use the little hair clips to attach the stems to the tepee stakes, to help them climb while they’re still young.

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