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Water Wise Tip of the Month from Leslie Hoy

"At this very cold time of year,  if you run a tap to wait for the water to heat up, please collect the cold water in a bucket and use it to water your plants".



This month with Water Wise - Brought to you by Rand Water and Water Wise

What does the weather have in store for us this month?

Forecasts from the South African Weather Service show uncertain results on the direction of rainfall this winter. Higher than normal temperatures can be expected across the country for June. Cape Town has approved Level 4 water restrictions, limiting consumers to 100 litres of water per person per day. Read more here. Remember to reduce water consumption as much as possible, especially during the dry winter season. Be Water Wise!


Thank you to the Catchment Management team at Rand Water for escalating the concerns, as well as those who first reported the issue.

Gill netting in the Vaal Dam

Recently, the number of reports of illegal gill netting in the VaalDam has increased. Nets have been found containing yellowfish (Labeobarbus spp.), moggel (Labeo spp.), carp (Cyprinus spp.), and mudfish (Labeo spp.). The nets have been removed, taken back to Rand Water, and disposed of appropriately. Unlawful gill netting is a huge problem in South Africa and is monitored and policed by Environmental Management Inspectors from the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) and the Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS).

The use of gill nets without permission is illegal, and requires a permit. If you notice any suspicious activity, please report it to: Mncedisi Mbele (Gauteng) at 011 240 3019. or mncedisi.mbele@gauteng.gov.za.

Local residents and members of the public who are aware of this activity are encouraged to contact Epania Mmethi at ephania.mmethi@gauteng.gov.za from Gauteng Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (GDARD), to request a complaint register form. Illegal fishing can have negative implications for the natural functioning of the Vaal River system. Do your bit by taking environmental action. Always be Water Wise!

World Environment Day - 5 June 2017

The theme this year is "I'm with Nature". It is a request for people around the world to reconnect with places they love in nature. It is a call for people to start appreciating our world's beauty and importance, and to protect it. From your own garden, to your favourite national park, nature is closer than you think. So, how do you fit into nature? How much do we depend on the natural world around us? Challenge yourself this WED to experience and cherish the special relationship you have with nature. Think about water, and how necessary it is for survival. Consume less and save more by being Water Wise. Click here for more.


Drought FAQs www.droughtsa.org.za/faq.html:

  • A drought is defined as a period of below average rainfall. The severity of a drought is determined by how far below average the rainfall is, for how long the dry period occurs, and to what extent available waterreaches the groundwater.
  • An agricultural drought occurs when there is not enough moisture to support average crop production and grass production.
  • A hydrological drought occurs when there is reduced stream flows and water reserves in aquifers, lakes, and reservoirs fall below a statistical average.
  • A meteorological drought occurs after a prolonged period of below average rainfall (usually less than 70%), creating natural shortages of available water.
  • South Africa has a unique topography that creates a variability in climate in both space and time.
  • South Africa also has one of the most variable river flow regimes in the world.


South African Water Restrictions

Despite rains in Gauteng, parts of the country still have alarmingly low dam levels. Visit the WRC Drought Portal for more information on drought links and downloads. To view water restrictions in various provinces across the country, click on the image below.




Current dam capacities*:

Woodstock Dam:

Katse Dam:

Sterkfontein Dam:

Grootdraai Dam:

Vaal Dam:

Bloemhof Dam:

Vaal Barrage Dam:

*at time of print 29-05-2017


Weather at Zwartkopjes

(Base Station - Zwartkopjes, South of Johannesburg)






For more information on weather in South Africa click here.

Did you know?

  • Only 8% of South Africa's surface area generates 50% of the water in our rivers, yet most of these areas receive little or no protection.

    Ref: WWF (2017)

Water in the News

"Expect to pay 20% more for water if you don't use it sparingly":
"Capetonians using more than 3,500 litres of water a month can expect to see a whopping 19.25% increase in their water bills from July. The announcement came from Mother City mayor Patricia de Lille..."”

Click on the images below for more info

Top tips to save water:

"Cape Town is in a state of emergency. The dams are at absurdly low levels and the government is (finally) getting serious about taking action to prevent a full-blown emergency. But Cape Town isn't alone."

Addo assesses natural water provision plan to avoid "catastrophic effects" on both park and elephants:

"Water conservation is of paramount importance as unpredictable weather patterns and severe drought across a number of South Africa's provinces, including the Eastern Cape..."


"The Western Cape has been declared a disaster area. Premier Helen Zille signed the declaration in response to the worst drought the province has experienced since 1904. It's expected to be gazetted later this week..."


Despite rains in Gauteng, parts of the country still have alarmingly low dam levels. Visit the WRC Drought Portal for more information on drought links and downloads. Click on the WRC logo to the left to access the portal.

Days to Remember

5 June:

World Environment Day

8 June:

World Oceans Day

16 June:

Youth Day


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