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When nature calls
We need toilets! More than 4.5 billion people don’t have access to one. This means people defecate directly into the natural environment, potentially contaminating water and soil that sustain human life.

We are turning our environment into an open sewer. Ideally we need to look at using water-efficient toilets in our homes, and encouraging our municipalities to upgrade our sanitation infrastructure in order to accommodate our country’s fast-growing population. World Toilet Day on 19 November is about nature-based solutions to our sanitation needs.

By responding with an environmentally friendly approach we respect and take care of our environment positively impacting on our living conditions today and for the future.







1. Sweep the floor and pick up any trash
2. Disinfect all high-touch areas
3. Clean the mirror and lights
4. Shut the lid before you flush
5. Clean your toilet brushes
6. Ventilate your toilet
7. Use toilet seat sanitizer
8. Wash your hands regularly

Water Wise October events

Water Wise always have interesting exhibitions, workshops, roadshows and environmental events every month depending on our environmental calendar and stakeholders that we work with. In the month of October, we had exciting activities, here are some events:

Scientific Services' Water Wise Education Team and EMS Water Wise participated in the Gauteng Environmental Education Forum (GEEF), where they discussed the challenges and possible solutions for reaching out to people using environmental education, inline with the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goal 4. Progress reports on activities of sustainable development (e.g. veggie gardens) in the communities happening around the country were also discussed.



Water Wise together with Environmental Rehabilitation and  Horticulture visited two rehabilitation projects in Pretoria and Florida to see the progress and learn new techniques. They also went on to visit Haartebeespoort Dam where they learned about taking care water as our valuable resource.



Water Wise conducted an educational exhibition at Clearwater Mall for two weeks in October. People were educated on how to save water in their lifestyle which includes the use of water efficient taps and shower heads and dual flush toilets. The team also taught people how to read their water meter and  their bills.


Watch out for more Water Wise events and don't forget to Be Water Wise!

Environmental Days and Public Holidays

19 November:  World Toilet Day
21 November:  World Fisheries Day
24 November: Birding Big Day

Water Wise News
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Vaal Sewage Spills Killing Rivers“The Rietspruit and Sebokeng wastewater treatment works dump raw sewage into the river There’s sabotage and cable theft and all the non-connected government housing and informal settlements all the way to Orange Farm...”
"The City of Cape Town's (CoCT) borehole drilling programme has scientists scratching their heads at the apparent determination of the City to drill into the hard rock of the Table Mountain Group Aquifer (TMGA) at great cost, while other cheaper and more environment-friendly options are not first explored"
Why South Africa should look to biomass for clean, water-wise energy"Next time you’re strolling through a food market, stocking up on fruit and vegetables, consider this: you’re surrounded by unharnessed energy. Cabbages, apples, potato peels and similar food stuffs are all potential biomass. That means they can be processed (usually by burning) and used as fuel. "
"On 1 October, World Health Organization (WHO) launched its first global guidelines on sanitation and health, as safe sanitation is essential for health, from preventing infection to improving and maintaining mental and social well-being."

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