Water Wise Watch: Oct 2018

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Environmental Days and Public Holidays

2 October:       World Habitat Day
4 October:       World Animal Day
9-15 October: National Marine Week

Water Wise News
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Be prepared: It’s getting hotter and drier

"What changes can we expect for our country and our lives as climate change takes hold? Mandi Smallhorne asks the experts. The good, the bad and the ugly; it’s already becoming apparent that the effect of climate change is a mixed bag."

Water Research Commission urges SA to 'get in first' and develop the iceberg project

"The Water Research Commission believes that within 20 years, countries will be towing icebergs from the Antarctic to supplement their water supplies. It also believes if South Africa does not get in first, the country will lose out ..."

"The City of Cape Town has made the move to relax current water restrictions from Level 6B to Level 5 from October 1, Deputy Mayor Ian Neilson announced. After suffering from the worst drought in recent history, Cape Town's dams are nearing 70% of storage capacity..."

"The City of Tshwane on Friday announced water restrictions. Rand Water started restricting all Tshwane meters to 20 percent in order to manage reservoir levels. "Residents are again reminded not to falter but continue to heed the call of conserving water and making it a norm..."

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*Please contact your municipality to determine the latest on water restrictions in your area.

Zwartkopjies weather September 2017 & September 2018

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