Witwatersrand Orchid Society

The Witwatersrand Orchid Society (WOS) was established in 1963 and is based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We are a very diverse group, both in age and background with members ranging from complete novices to experienced growers with many decades of experience in growing all types of orchids.
The public is very welcome to visit a meeting – no experience in growing or knowledge of orchids is required. The aims of the WOS are to promote interest in the conservation, cultivation, knowledge and breeding of orchids, both indigenous and exotic species and hybrids. We have an extensive library where members are welcome to borrow books – no need to purchase expensive books of your own!

President: Marinus Kort
President Contact Phone: 082 447 5081 or 011 704 1041
President Contact Email: wos@thekorts.co.za
Vice President: Deon Barnes
Vice President Contact Phone: 083 469 6188 or 011 842 2151
Vice President Contact Email: deon.barnes@angloamerican.com
Secretary: Pauline Cuzen
Secretary Contact Email: paulinec@lantic.net
Location: Johannesburg
Website: www.witsorchid.co.za

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