Work wonders with trellises

Add colour and interest to your garden with trellising used in a variety of ways!

Don’t be limited to just using the brown, green or white trellising available – you can give them a lick of paint or colour stains to complement your own individual style. Bear in mind, though, that painted trelliswork requires more long-term maintenance. Trellising is not only available in diamond shapes, but in square and rectangular shapes, and you could even make your own to suit the dimensions you require or to match a particular garden design or theme.

Try these ideas for using trellising in different ways in your garden:

work_wonders_with_trellises_09Divide and conquer

Use trellises on boundary walls or to separate one part of the garden from another. Some trellises even have ‘windows’ in them which breaks the monotony. Decorative post tops will add the finishing touch. However, in order for it to be long lasting, the trelliswork needs to be of solid construction and the supporting posts need to be cemented into the ground.

Add interest to boring walls

Enhance blank walls by placing attractive trelliswork against them. Some trellises have an ‘arch’ design, which can be used to frame a statue against an expanse of wall. Long, narrow driveways which have no space for planting, can be made less harsh with regularly spaced trelliswork panels.

Fabulously formal

Formal gardens – both in the English and French tradition – have long made use of white or green trelliswork. However, trellis can be used for other garden styles as well, such as Moroccan, modernist and classical – just choose the right colour, cutouts and adornments.

work_wonders_with_trellises_04Social climbers

Climbers that need support can be grown up trellising. Make sure the structure is well secured to the wall so it can support the weight of the climber. If you attach the trellis by means of hinges or hooks then it can be easily moved forward slightly when the wall behind it needs a coat of paint.

Hide garden eyesores

There are many garden eyesores that need to be hidden and trellising is perfect for this. A panel of trelliswork with a gorgeous climber trained up it can hide compost heaps, laundry areas, water tanks and dustbins.

Focal point impact

A focal point such as a statue or urn can be greatly enhanced by being framed by a trelliswork arch – use your imagination and creativity to add impact to your garden design!

Useful obelisks

Obelisks made of trellising are great for adding vertical space to a small kitchen garden. Climbing crops such as beans and tomatoes can be trained up them. Decorative obelisks painted in bright colours can also serve as focal points in other parts of the garden.

work_wonders_with_trellises_08Optical illusions

An optical illusion which gives the impression of more space can be created using trelliswork and a mirror. Arched trellising, where the lathes become closer together towards the centre, are ideal. Place a mirror in the centre of this frame to add an extra dimension to your garden.

Hot Tip!

Use treated timber. If you choose trellising made from pine, make sure it has been treated to ensure a longer lifespan.

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