Bamboo Wind Chimes

The kids will have a wonderful time making their very own wind chimes and will enjoy that sense of achievement every time it chimes in the August winds.

What you need:

  • A length of bamboo +- 2m (from your nearest accredited garden centre)
  • Some string or yarn (not too thick and preferably synthetic as it will last longer)
  • A saw
  • A drill with a small drill bit (the) hole needs to be large enough for the string to fit through
  • A metal or wooden ring
  • Tape measure
  • Scissors

Step 1:

Cut one length of bamboo about 30cm long for the top of the chime, and 6 lengths to hang down. You can use various lengths so that it will produce different tones. If you cut each length the same size, they will produce the same tone when they bang into each other.

We prefer cutting the bamboo various lengths for our bamboo wind chime, simply because it looks and sounds more interesting. Saw them carefully - Adults Only.

Step 2:

With the saw (or a sharp serrated knife) cut six fine grooves in the top length of bamboo, evenly spaced - Adults Only. This is to hold the hanging lengths in place later.

Step 3:

Very carefully drill a hole through the top of each length of bamboo, with the exception of the top piece. Drill in from one side and then from the other side to ensure that the bamboo doesn’t split in the process – Adults Only.

Step 4:

Insert the string through the holes, and loop it around the top piece, ensuring it falls neatly into one of the grooves. Allow a couple of centimeters between the top of each piece of bamboo and the horizontal length (so they can dangle freely).

Step 5:

Pull a length of string through the length of the top piece, tying them together about 15cm above the center of the horizontal piece. (If your bamboo isn’t hollow, use a long screw driver to clean out the centre) Tie the metal ring to the top of your wind chime.

Step 6:

Finally, get the kids to pic a spot on the patio or in the garden where they can hang their work of art! It might not look like the fancy ones you can by in the store but the kids will have a wonderful time making it and will enjoy that sense of achievement every time it chimes in the August winds.

To download the PDF version click here!

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