Giving life to 2021’s trends Trends Article

When life gives us manure, gardeners make compost! As such, Life is a Garden would like to invite all green fingers to welcome 2021 as The Great Reset – a time to reconnect with our home space, a chance to grow food and deepen our connection with nature, an opportunity to shape remote working environments, and the ideal excuse to expand outdoor entertainment areas.
February in the garden word scrabble

February in the Garden – Word Scrabble

Cna ouy uncsabbrel tehes owdrs? Read through the February in the Garden Checklist to get hints as to what the words are.
Veggie garden word search

Veggie Garden Word Search

Search for the words and flex those brain muscles! How many words can you find?
February checklist

February Checklist

Maximize the harvest with our handy maintenance tips. To read the full February in the Garden Checklist article click here: https://bit.ly/39F2I7W

When plants eat insects, where do they go? A carnivorous plant dissection experiment for kids. When Love Bites

Do plants have stomachs and teeth? How are they able to catch prey like other carnivores if they can’t run?
February in the garden, checklist

February in the Garden Checklist Gardening Checklist

Nurture your darling garden this month of love by sowing delicious edibles and magnificent flowers.
Veggie garden for beginners

Growing a Veggie Garden for Beginners Fundamentals of Gardening - Back to Basics

Welcome, novice farmers! We are delighted to see your green fingers in bloom, exploring the world of homegrown goodness.
Eco warrior

Eco-Warriors: Love them Lizards Love them Lizards

Have no fear! Lizards are friends to the garden bringing gifts of goodwill with them.

February in the Garden The garden - your happy place

February is great for outdoor living and entertaining on our patios, around the pool or braaing and picnicking in our gardens.

Water Wise Watch: Feb 2019

This month at Water Wise For the love of wetlands We all know that February is a month of “love” and we take some time to spoil with our loved ones.

Dune Crowberry (Searsia crenata)

Searsia crenata (previously known as Rhus crenata) is commonly known as the Dune Crowberry.

Sweet vburnum (Viburnum sinensis)

One of the best plants for a luxurious looking hedge. Quick growing and bird attracting.

Tree Aloe (Aloe X dichotoma/barberae ‘Booysen’)

Aloe ‘Booysen’ is a new species of Aloe and was grown in the Western Cape, South Africa, by Mr Kassie Booysen.

Yellow Spekboom (Portulacaria afra ‘Aurea’)

Portulacaria afra ‘Aurea’ is an indigenous plant known commonly as the Yellow Rainbow Bush or Yellow Elephant Food.

Carex everillo

This eye-catching lime yellow sedge will add excitement to shady spots of your garden.

For the LOVE of succulents

The month of love is sweetly scented with promises, chocolates, and the perfume of red roses.

It’s Valentine’s Month! Spice it up with nature’s aphrodisiac: The Chilli

Valentine’s month has everyone swooning over roses and chocolates. Few remember the tantalising kick of the chilli’s lovebite and the role it plays in romance.

February in the Garden

Time to play around with heat-hardy plants and containers. Make your way to a GCA nursery today and stock up on commercial soil mixes, drainage chips, decorative pebbles, pots and start playing with lots of funky plants!

Sensational Celosia

Celosia, also known as cockscomb is invaluable as a container filler and mixed summer border bedding plant.  

Life is like a box of succulents

It is valentine’s day this month, the perfect day to show someone you love that you care about them.