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Tiptop Topiary

Show off your champion gardening skills with stunning topiary plants, pruned to sophisticated perfection.
water vapour photosynthesis transpiration plastic garden kids fun

Plant Transpiration Experiment DIY

Did you know? Just like we release water vapour through our mouths as we breathe, so do plants through their stomata - tiny, pore-like structures on the surfaces of leaves.
April In the Garden

April in the garden Everything is awesome in April

Happy second month of autumn, gardeners! Although it’s getting colder, the landscape is truly warmed up by the rich colour pallet around us.

What to do in the April garden?

Check out these tricks of the trade and find out which flowers, herbs, and veggies to grow and sow for a cool-season paradise.

Throwing shade at the sun Shade gardening

Gone are the days when shady means barren! This month, Life is a Garden is shedding light on darker spaces with a little shade-spiration to bring all areas of the garden to life.

Giving life to 2021’s trends Trends Article

When life gives us manure, gardeners make compost! As such, Life is a Garden would like to invite all green fingers to welcome 2021 as The Great Reset – a time to reconnect with our home space, a chance to grow food and deepen our connection with nature, an opportunity to shape remote working environments, and the ideal excuse to expand outdoor entertainment areas.

April in the Garden Checklist Gardening Checklist

Like the calm before the cool, winter preparations are smooth sailing this month with Life is a Garden’s crisp April checklist.

April in the Garden There is no planet B!

Let us nurture our planet Earth by using sustainable practices and nourishing our soils so that they can continue to produce healthy food for us all.

Amazing Aloe vera

There are few plants as useful as the Aloe vera. This large succulent boasts a myriad of health benefits thanks to the well-known aloe vera gel it produces within its long leaves.

Make Father’s Day Fabulous with a DIY Bonsai

Father’s Day is around the corner. A thoughtful gift handmade with love is the perfect way to honour dad and all he does for the family.

Water Wise Watch: April 2019

This month at Water Wise "Protect our Species" The Earth is made up of a diverse number of elements that co-exist together to formulate a harmonious environment for all.

Top Trend: An Introduction to Hydroponics – 5 Hydroponic growing methods for bountiful harvests

Growing your own wholesome food needn’t require soil or compost. Hydroponics offers a solution to bountiful harvests in small spaces requiring no soil.

How to deal with armyworm

Symptoms The appearance of chewed leaf edges on lawns, caterpillar faeces, and damage to certain plants and vegetables.

Chrysanthemums – the ideal indoor flower

The darkness of the night is pushed across the sky, tailed by a blur of pastel colours – this is how the night makes way for the dawn of a new day.

April in the Garden

Folks in South Africa are lucky to have two ‘spring’ seasons every year – the traditional spring in September when plants from the Northern hemisphere flower, and another one in April when many of our own flowers abound.

Keep the children busy – make a bunny planter for Easter

“He hops along The rabbit small, With soft white fur And ears so tall So quietly, you’d never say That anyone had come this way” -Unknown   Easter is coming and with it comes the joy of coloured eggs, treasure hunts, hot cross buns and long weekends.

Bonsai Basics: How to fertilise your bonsai Watch here!

Watch here!

Water Wise Watch: Apr 2018

This month at Water Wise "Autumn is here" This year is absolutely flying by and I can't believe we are already into Autumn and moving quickly towards winter!

What to do about termites in your garden

Symptoms Our “gogga” of the month for April, termites, will leave ulcerous-looking nests and blowholes on trees What does this mean for me/my plants?

Ideal for Indoors in April – Peace in the Home Sometimes we all just need a little PEACE & QUIET…

Sometimes we all just need a little PEACE & QUIET…