Get creative in the garden with a teepee trellis

You are never too young to develop your green thumb with a spot of gardening. Inspire your kids to get into the garden this Easter, and start growing their own plants with this nifty teepee trellis project. This project is a great after-school activity for you and your child and can be used to grow a variety of vines, such as the Mandevilla seedlings featured in this activity. The teepee trellis can also be used to grow a number of edible plants, such as runner beans, peas, and tomatoes, depending on the time of the year. Encouraging your children to grow their own vegetables is a fantastic way to teach them about living off the land. They can watch their food grow from a seedling and end up on their plate.

What you will need:

  • Some dowelling rods
  • Some string
  • Mandevilla seedlings
  • Budding tape or cable ties
  • Scissors
  • A spade
  • A rake
  • Some bonemeal, a handful of fertiliser and half a bag of compost, in a Trug or wheelbarrow

Let’s get started:

The day before:

Step 1: The first step is to prepare the soil for planting and this needs to be done the day before the activity. Choose a nice big area where you and your child can plant the Mandevilla seedlings and get it ready together, by aerating the soil and adding compost, fertiliser, and bonemeal. Finish off by raking the soil level and watering it well.


  • On the day:

    Step 2: To begin the activity you’ll need to make a teepee trellis in the area that you and your child prepared for planting the day before. Help your little one arrange the dowelling rods into a teepee shape and get them to hold it in place while you tie them together with string.

    Step 3: With the teepee in place, your child can then dig holes just in front of each dowel, providing enough space for the Mandevilla seedlings. Get your kiddie to plant the Mandevillas in the holes, alternating the white and pink flowers.


  • Step 4: Once all the seedlings have been planted, you’ll need to attach each plant’s stem to its dowel with budding tape or cable ties (budding tape will stretch as the plant grows). This might be a bit tricky for your child, so give them a hand with this part. They can water the planted Mandevilla thoroughly after they have all been cable-tied.

    Step 5: The easiest step - watch it grow into gorgeous colour!

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