Ideal for Indoors in April – Peace in the Home Sometimes we all just need a little PEACE & QUIET…


Sometimes we all just need a little PEACE & QUIET… In the wonderful world of plants, we have an indoor plant specifically dedicated to exactly that, Soleirolia soleirolii more commonly known as ‘Peace in the Home’ (although in some regions it is also known as the ‘Mind-your-own-business’ plant, which we guess is pretty much the same thing!)

‘Peace in the home’ is a low-growing, spreading foliage plant with small delicate leaves. It originates in the northern Mediterranean region, loves moisture and shade, and as such is best grown indoors in low to medium light areas.

‘Peace-in-the-home’ like all indoor plants, has been proven to reduce stress, ease eye irritations, headaches and fatigue – indoor plants even contribute to improved concentration and less absenteeism in offices. So, they certainly offer a quick and easy way to ‘instantly’ add ‘peace’ to the home.

‘Peace-in-the-home’ can be found in the indoor plant section of your GCA nursery. They are typically planted into small 10cm pots and sometimes in wider bowls. They make an excellent ‘Thank You’ gift – offering a quirky and meaningful gift of appreciation that lasts for months.

Trending: ‘Peace-in-the-home’ is ideally suited to use in terrariums. Garden-lovers looking to experiment with stylish bell jars or simple glass jars, should most certainly include this little gem in the moist environment of the miniature greenhouse.

‘Peace in the home’ can be temperamental and may require repositioning a few times. Bathrooms and kitchens are often good locations and once they find a ‘happy place’ they’ll thrive with minimal TLC for ages.

‘Peace-in-the-home’ can also be grown on patios and in enclosed areas but are frost tender. As with most indoor plants, do not position in direct sunlight, and water regularly (2 – 3 times a week, depending on the season). Make sure not to let the soil dry out. Feed monthly with a quality foliar feed to enhance and promote growth.

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