Easy-to-make bird feeder!

DIY bird bath made from pots and planters.

Bird feeders have and will always be a simple, yet effective way of bringing all the neighbourhood birds into your garden. Birds bring life, colour and happy melodies into the garden, so are always a welcome addition. 

This easy-to-make bird feeder is cheap to put together, fun for the kids to partake in and a fantastic attraction for the birds. Get all the kids involved to create a unique and colourful collaboration.

What you will need?

  • 5 standard sized plant pots
  • 2 drip trays (one large, one small)
  • Paint (various colours)
  • Paint brushes (various sizes)
  • Strong glue

What to do:

Paint your pots

Get the kids to paint all five pots in various patterns and shapes - they can go wild with whatever they want to do. Allow them to dry thoroughly. 

Get glueing 

Place glue on the rims of the pots and stick the five pots together, bottom-to-bottom and top-to-top, as per pictures. Glue the bottom pot to your base drip tray. Glue your top drip tray, facing upwards to the top pot.  

Dry in and out

Place your bird feeder in a lovely sunny spot to dry completely.

Place perfectly for the birds

Choose a great spot in the garden that will give you the best exposure to attract all those beautiful birds to your new, colourful creation. 

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