Fern Nephrolepsis

fern ceramic

Nephrolepis exaltata ‘Corditas’. ‘Ideal for smaller pot sizes’. Although quite different to Boston, ´Corditas´ is another fast, uniform grower. Its modest size and maximum frond length of 12 inch (30 cm) make this dwarf fern ideal for smaller pot sizes and arrangements. The sturdy, erect leaf stalks are close together and are densely covered with fine, dark green leaflets. ´Corditas´ looks a lot like ´Fluffy Ruffles´, but has finer leaflets, a slightly slower growth habit and is more suitable for smaller pot

Common name: Corditas
Use: Used as potplant but also in hanging baskets of all sizes. Mainly for indoor-use in Europe and Asia. Attractive in arrangements.
Light: Shade Half-shade
Growth Rate: Fast

Height: Till 40 cm (15 inches)
Pot Sizes: 6 cm till 30 cm (2 till 12 inches)
Substrate: Normal well-drained fernsoil

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