What to do about fruit flies


Our “gogga” of the month for October will cause prematurely ripe fruit and vegetables, which rot soon after. It’s the fruit fly.

What does this mean for me/my plants?

Fruit and veggies will be totally spoiled (inside and possibly outside too) and inedible if not treated

Suggested Action

A preventative spraying programme for fruit fly and coddling moth must be followed every two weeks from 80% blossom fall. Alternatively a bait may be put out – but the bait must often be replaced. Often, the fruit is opened and is infested with worms, with no outside damage to the fruit. This is because the eggs are laid and the fruit forms around these. If a preventative spraying programme is not followed, most fruit will be damaged.Β Visit your local GCA garden centre forΒ advice on the best solution for you!

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