Going beyond ‘Green’

With growing public concern about global warming and how we have damaged earth’s eco-systems, it has become a fashionable trend to “go green”. Whilst this is a positive initial response, it does not address the core of the issue.


Trying to “Go Green” says David Parry-Davies (Publishing Editor of The Enviropaedia) is like trying to stop an out-of-control vehicle by applying brakes at the back end, whilst still pumping fuel to the engine at the front. In other words, this is an attempt to solve the problem by addressing the symptoms – not the cause.

He says that we will not stop damaging earth’s eco-systems until we change the underlying causes that drive our environmentally harmful behavior. This means that we need to start by recognising the faulty thinking patterns and values that motivate the particular human behaviors that result in damage to the earth’s eco-systems.

Once we recognise why we have been damaging our ecosystems, we can then begin to behave in a logical manner to change our behavior. This enables us to go beyond being fashionably ‘green’ – to become an ‘eco-logical human being’! As the latest innovative extension of The Enviropaedia (Environmental Encyclopaedia and Directory), www.eco-logicalliving.com provides insights into “eco-logical thinking” and is filled with  practical information and tips on how we can play an effective role in protecting earth’s ecosystems and thus preserve our future quality of living.

The site is incredibly user friendly for even the most technophobic amongst us – in fact it is fun to navigate, beautifully illustrated and with easy to click on tabs that take you to a variety of useful sections that cover all aspects of our lives including; consumer power; eco office; tourism; energy; gardening; green building; natural health; transport; waste; recycling and water.

www.eco-logicalliving.com also issues a ‘call to action’ – inviting you to send in your own tips and hints on how to live and work in an eco-logical manner. The best tips will be loaded on to the website and these winners rewarded with a free copy of the beautiful Enviropaedia coffee table book. This is a website that can help you transform your thinking and behavior in a most positive, constructive and fun-filled way. www.eco-logicalliving.com gives you the understanding and the tools to help you to grow and evolve into an eco-logical human being.

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