Decorating with Greenery

As you prepare your garden for the spring and summer, it is also a good time to add some greenery indoors. Here are our top picks for August:

  • Creeping Fig (ficus pumila) – this is an easy-to-grow vine that grows best in a sunny area but out of direct sunlight. It is a fairly thirsty plant, so water thoroughly and keep the soil moist. These plants grow well in hanging baskets or pots that have added support for it to climb.

  • Spike moss (selaginella kraussiana) – to add bright green foliage to darker areas around the home, grow spike moss in pots. These plants grow best when placed out of direct sunlight. Remember to water well and regularly.

  • Staghorn Fern (platycerium bifurcatum Netherlands) – This showy fern that grows fairly large depending on the size of the pot you plant it in. For a larger plant, place it in a large pot in a large room in the house. It grows best in a sunny area out of direct sunlight and the roots need to be kept moist at all times.

  • Calathea Zebra (calathea zebrina) – this striking plant with zebra striped leaves will add a tropical feel to your home. Plant in a large room, out of direct sunlight and water frequently. Apply a mist to the leaves during dry months to keep the plant growing at its best.

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