Water Wise plants that will thrive in every garden Be water wise

Spring is around the corner and for many regions across the country, this means the first rains for the new season and others will start to see dry months ahead. However, whether it is rainy or not, being water wise and protecting this precious resource should be a key consideration for every garden lover. But saving water doesn't mean that your garden needs to be drab, there are water wise plants that will thrive in every garden.

  • Aloe Sea Urchin (aloe marlothii x arborescens sea Urchin) easy-to-grow with a beautiful red cone-shaped flowers, these aloes will add bursts of colour to the garden with minimum care needed.
  • Gazania Assorted (syn. g. splendens) – the bold, bright colours of the Gazania assorted flowers will add colourful bursts of sunshine to your garden. These plants are not only drought tolerant but grow well in flower beds, containers and baskets. Plant these in sunny flower beds around the garden to add splashes of bright colour to your landscape.
  • Pelargonium Interspecific (pelargonium interspecific) – if you’re looking to add bright, vivid colour to flower beds, pots, window boxes and hanging baskets that are heat and drought tolerant then you should plant the Pelargonium Interspecific.  Plant your Pelargonium in a sunny area and water when the soil is dry to the touch. Add some flower feed towards the end of August to enjoy a showy bloom of spring flowers amongst healthy, attractive foliage.
  • Geranium Assorted (pelargonium hybrid) – ideal for pots, baskets, smaller gardens or flower beds, these compact, sun loving beauties will flower throughout the year with minimal care. Water when the soil is dry to the touch, place in a sunny area and enjoy a well-branched plant with bright flowers held neatly above the foilage. 
  • Cancer Bush (sutherlandia frutescens) – this small evergreen shrub is tough and hardy, making it easy-to-grow. The beautiful red flowers will brighten up the garden and are loved by nectar eating birds. Place in a sunny area and water moderately for best results.
  • Golden Daisy Bush (euryops pectinatus) – if you are looking for a fast growing, evergreen shrub that adds colour to the garden for most of the year, look no further than the Golden Daisy Bush. Plant in full sun and water moderately to enjoy the large, bright yellow flowers on this easy-to-grow shrub.

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