Indoor Plant for January: Chrysanthemum

Nothing says summer like beautiful mounds of brightly coloured mums!

IMG_7847_lrOriginating from eastern Asia, the common chrysanthemum has been cultivated for centuries (they were first cultivated in China as a flowering herb as far back as the 15th century BC).

There are thousands of varieties available in a wide array of colours and floral forms. The garden mum is a long-time favourite for summer gardens, with its long-lasting, showy blossoms held above mounds of lustrous foliage.

Potted chrysanthemums are available all year round and they can be planted in the garden when flowering is over. This is a better long-term solution than trying to make these forced specimens last a second flowering period.



Care Instructions

● Place in a high light area with no direct midday sun.

● In summer the plant needs to be kept thoroughly moist, which may mean watering it frequently. In winter, keep the compost moist.

● Feed with fertiliser each fortnight while the plant is in flower.

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