Louisiana Iris /Water Ir (Iris ser. Hexagonae)

Louisiana irises are beardless irises belonging to the series Hexagonae. They are native to the bayous and marshes of southern Louisiana, along the Mississippi River, and across most of the southern United States. They are characterized by their love of water, although they are equally at home under normal garden conditions, they can be grown in pots, raised beds, dug out beds, at the edge of ponds or streams, shallow water, and just about any other way! Louisiana Irises flower from September through October and occur in all the colours of the rainbow, ranging from pure white through yellow, orange, red, purple, violet, magenta, blue, lilac, pink and all the shades in between. They like to have almost full sun, but will benefit being shielded from very hot afternoon sun. Louisiana Irises are heavy feeders and like to be fed at least twice a year, in the fall (when they should be replanted) and again about a months before they flower in spring.

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