Make a Mini Hothouse

Get the kids to make their very own mini hothouses this weekend! It’s a great way to get your vegetable or flower seedlings off to a good start before transplanting them into the garden.

What you’ll need:

  • ± 12cm pot (should fit the diameter of a coke bottle)
  • 2l coke bottle
  • Scissors
  • Spade
  • Potting soil
  • Seedlings of your choice

Step 1

Use the scissors to carefully cut your coke bottle. You will need the bottom three quarters of it, so it is best to cut below the neck of the bottle just about the top of the label.

Step 2

Fill your pot with potting soil and gently push your finger into the soil to make a hole to plant your seedling into.
Once you’ve popped the seedling into the hole, pat down firmly around the base of your seedling.

Step 3

Lightly water with a spray bottle or watering can. Be sure not to overwater!

Step 4

Turn the coke bottle bottom upside down and place over the top of the pot to form your mini hothouse.

Step 5

Stand your hothouse in a warm, well lit area but make sure it is not in the full sun.

A window sill would be ideal.

Step 6

Be sure to water your seedling every day to prevent it from drying out.

When the seedling is around 8cm tall, you can get the kids to transplant it into the garden.

To download the PDF version click here!

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