Making Coloured Eggs

Step 1 - Blowing Eggs:

Make a pin hole in each side of the egg. Try make the hole a little bigger by wiggling the pin around. It will be easier for the children to blow the eggs without going red faced. There will be breakages with kids so make sure you have some extras!

Let them blow all the contents out of their eggs. They will enjoy the sense of achievement once they’re done!

Step 2 - Decorating Eggs:

Things to use:

  • Food Colouring, bought, or even better, made organically from veggies!
  • Glass Jars for the colouring for soaking eggs.
  • Vinegar to add to the coloured water and some olive oil if you’d like a marbled effect.
  • Paper Cutters & Vinyl Sheets as an added bonus so they can make shapes on their eggs.
  • Polystyrene sheet with pins to act as a drying rack. If you’re using boiled eggs rather use an egg carton because they’re too heavy to be held by the pins effectively.

Time for the parents to take a break and let the children decorate to their hearts content with the vinyl cut outs. Tell them to call you when they’re ready to dunk their works of art!

When all the eggs are ready then let the dunking begin. Try make some jars with oil (marble effect) and some without as well as having some boiled eggs and some blown eggs. The children will love you for the variety.

The longer you leave the eggs in the solution for, the darker your colours will be. Show the children that a lighter pattern can be just as gorgeous as a darker one. Then take the last eggs of the day and leave them in the colouring solutions over night to show them how dark the colours can be!

Step 3 - Drying Eggs:

Such a simple procedure but it can be so challenging for the little ones! Try explain to them that if they don’t allow the eggs to dry properly, the colours will smudge and their patterns will be ruined. It’s an excellent lesson in patience.

Step 4 - Enjoy your eggs:

After the kids have allowed the eggs to dry they can peel off the stickers and just enjoy them. Either by eating the boiled eggs or making the blown eggs available for hiding on Easter morning for a more colourful hunt!

To download the PDF version click here!

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