Palm peat

High quality natural growing medium made from coconut fibre. A uniform, consistent, high quality horticultural growing medium, which ensures good germination of seed, and vigorous root, plant and flower development.

Palm Peat is manufactured entirely from coconut fibre, a renewable resource and compares most favourably with the best imported and locally produced growing medium.


  • Production of flower, herb & vegetable seedlings.
  • Growing of seedlings & cuttings.
  • Potting and re-potting of indoor & outdoor plants.
  • Mixing in existing soil.
  • Hanging baskets
  • Mulch.


  • Excellent water & air retention.
  • Free of weeds, pests & insect organisms.
  • Balanced pH of between 5.4 & 6.8.

How to use it:

Step 1:

Fill a 10-litre bucket with 5 litres of warm water and place the Palm Peat brick in the water.

Step 2:

Allow 10 minutes for the Palm Peat brick to soak up the water and expand.

Step 3:

Once the water has been absorbed, break up the expanded Palm Peat. Your Palm Peat is now ready to use.

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