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With school holidays still in full swing it’s necessary to keep the kids entertained with activities that can be both fun and educational. This easy recycling project will do just that. It is simple to make and an exciting project for both younger and older kids. This is also a fantastic way of helping your kids get green fingers, and showing them the importance of recycling and looking after our earth. 

If you made use of our holiday succulent idea in December, then you should have most of the gardening titbits still available. Add a few extra bits and bobs and you are set to get started. 

Here’s what you will need: 

  • An empty 2-litre cool drink bottle, including the bottle cap
  • A cup of small stones
  • A cup of potting soil
  • A cup of compost
  • An old spoon
  • A plastic container or bowl
  • Sweet basil seedlings
  • A craft knife
  • A rubber band
  • A permanent marker
  • Glue (specifically for plastic)
  • Plastic eyes, fake eyelashes and a moustache (optional)

(Note: The exact amount of stones, river sand, compost and potting soil depends very much on how large the bottle is, once it has been cut.)

Where to buy:

If you don’t already have the small stones, potting soil and compost you can buy all of these from your local garden centre. 

Buy a tray of sweet basil seedlings from your local garden centre.

Purchase a craft knife, some rubber bands, plastic glue and a permanent marker from your local stationery shop.

The plastic eyes, eyelashes and moustache elements can be bought from your local Chinese or craft store. 

How to do it:

1. Remove the cap from your cool drink bottle and keep it to one side. 

2. Get your child to place the rubber band on the bottle, about ¼ of the way from the bottom, ensuring that the band is straight all the way around.

3. Ask your child to draw a line with the permanent marker, all the way along the edge of the rubber band (this will most likely be the older kids). Leave the rubber band on the bottle, to ensure that you cut a straight line around the bottle.

4. Ask your child to hold the bottle tightly so that you or another adult can cut along the edges of the rubber band using the craft knife, following the line that has been drawn.

5. Your child can then spoon the stones into the bottom of the plastic bottle, followed by the river sand. 

6. Get them to mix the potting soil and compost together in a plastic bowl or container. 

7. Spoon the soil mixture on top of the river sand, ensuring that enough room is left to plant the seedlings.

8. Ask your child to make holes in the soil with their fingers, to place the seedlings in. 

9. Help them take each seedling out of the pack, one at a time, and place them in the holes that have been made.

10. Once the basil seedlings have been planted, ensure that you wet the soil a bit to hydrate the plants.

11. When your seedlings have been watered, you can start decorating your bottle with the facial elements. 

12. Glue the cap on to your plastic bottle (with the flat side down), followed by the eyes, eyelashes and the moustache. Make sure that no one touches the glue with their fingers.

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