Self-Watering Seed Starter Pots

Take the guess work out of watering seeds for kids and help them make their very own self-watering seed starter pot! The kids will love keeping an eye on their little seeds springing to life and you don’t have to worry about watering them.

What you’ll need:

  • 2 litre cold drink bottle
  • Compost
  • Flower seeds of your choice
  • Wool
  • Screwdriver and hammer
  • Stanley knife or scissors to cut the bottle
  • Watering can

Step 1

For the adults … Cut the top off of the cold drink bottle, roughly 1/3 of the way down using your scissors or Stanley knife.

Step 2

For the adults … Use the screwdriver and a hammer to punch a hole in the center of the bottle cap.

Tip: Placing the bottle cap on a soft surface like the grass will make it a little easier to pierce the screwdriver through the plastic!

Step 3

Get the kids to cut a piece of wool about 30cm long, fold it in half and tie a knot in the middle.

Step 4

Thread the wool through the hole in the bottle cap so that the knot is on the inside of the cap.  This is what will draw the water up from the bottle into the soil.

Step 5

Put the cap back on the bottle and rest the top of the bottle upside down in the base. Now it’s time to start planting. Fill it 2/3 of the way up with your compost.

Sprinkle a few seeds onto the surface of the compost and cover with a sprinkling of soil. Enough to cover the seeds.

Be sure to refer to the planting instructions on your seed packet for this step too.

Step 6

For your seeds first watering, the kids will need to slowly pour water from the top in order to make sure that the compost is wet all the way through. By using a watering can you can get a gentle shower of water so that you do not disturb the seeds.

Step 7

Add water to the base making sure that the level is below the cap of the bottle when it is placed upside down to ensure a vacuum doesn’t form as this will prevent the water from being sucked up by the wool.

Make sure your wool is wet all the way though, otherwise it will float on the surface of the water and stop your self-watering pot from working correctly. You can dunk the wool into the water a few times until it sinks.

As the plants grow and drink up the water, all you need to do is lift off the top to add more to the base. As the soil dries, water will be sucked up through the string into the pot.

If you are planting more than one self-watering seed starter pot with a different type of seed in each, be sure to label them so that you remember what you planted in each pot.

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