Water Wise Watch: September

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"Spring has sprung!"

Although we were hit with a number of cold fronts towards the end of August,  weather forecasts suggest a spring full of rain and warm temperatures. However, the excessively dry conditions experienced across the country this past year continues to have an impact on our precious water supplies, so please remember to always be Water Wise. Enjoy!

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Local Water Wise News (Click the headings in bold below to read each article)

Aardvarks’ tragic fate points to worrying consequences for wildlife as a result of climate change"
The aardvark, a highlight for anyone on a game-viewing African safari, will become increasingly rare as the world warms and dries, and the consequences go well beyond a decline in aardvark safari encounters."

Drought is the new normal, says Mayor De Lille
"The following speech was delivered by the City of Cape Town’s Executive Mayor, Patricia de Lille (top photograph), at the full Council meeting on 27 July 2017..."

Water scarcity drives a new wave of practices in Cape Winelands
"The practice of cultivating grasses such as wheat, nearly 10,000 years ago, laid the foundations of today’s large urbanized communities."

Cape Town reveals sites of proposed new water desalination plants
"Cape Town's Granger Bay, Hout Bay and Dido Bay may soon be home to three proposed new desalination plants that the city intends commissioning to make extra drinking water ..."

Weather for August/September

The southwestern parts of South Africa are set to receive above-normal rainfall during early spring, with cooler conditions. However, the northern regions of the country can expect above-normal warm temperatures. Weather forecasts confidently predict that the El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO) is expected to remain in a neutral phase during South Africa's summer period. 

Weather at Zwartkopjes 2016/2017

Current Dam capacities

Woodstock Dam:

Katse Dam:

Sterkfontein Dam:

Grootdraai Dam:

Vaal Dam:

Bloemhof Dam:

*at time of print 28-08-2017

Water Wise Events

Water Wise celebrates Arbor Day 2017 with its annual tree planting event. This event will take place during the last week of September at Rand Water's EMS Nursery, and staff will be planting the buffalo thorn (image above) on site. The Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) are the custodians of this environmental day. September is also Heritage month, and as such, DAFF will focus on some of the country's champion trees. Champion trees are the oldest, largest, and most culturally significant trees in the country. This year, DAFF will celebrate the Sophia Town Oak Tree and the Sagale Baobab Tree in Limpopo. Celebrate Arbor Day at home by planting one of our Trees of the Year 2017:

  • Euclea pseudebenus (ebony guarri)
  • Ziziphus mucronata (buffalo thorn)

Follow this link for a downloadable poster for Arbor Day 2017.




Did you celebrate National Arbor Day this year? Water Wise is giving away a prize to the most environmentally-friendly and Water Wise Arbor Day celebrations. Send us a short description of what you did, as well as some photos towaterwise@randwater.co.za

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