Build a Bird Hide

If the kids haven’t started their Bird Spotting Journals yet, building their very own Bird Hide will surely inspire them to do so!

If you are giving your garden a general clean-up, it’s the perfect way to use some of the palm branches that would otherwise end up lumped into a trailer and taken to the dump.

What you need:

  • 5 lengths of bamboo +- 1.5m (from your nearest accredited garden centre)
  • Non-prickly palm fronds (about 10 to 15 fronds)
  • Rope
  • String
  • Scissors
  • Large stones or bricks (8 to 12 rocks depending on the size)

Step 1:

To start, get the kids to hold two lengths of bamboo in a triangle formation – crossed at the top. Do this for both sides. (If you don’t have many hands, you can do one side at a time.)

Lay the fifth piece of bamboo across the top to form the structure of your bird hide. (See image)

Step 2:

Lash both sides of the bird hide with your rope, making sure it’s secure.

Step 3:

Use the large stones or bricks to secure the legs of your bird hide.

Make sure it’s sturdy.

Step 4:

Using your string, span lengths across the widest part of the bird hide (See image). This will hold the palm fronds in place.

Step 5:

Lay the palm fronds across all sides of the bird hide, making sure you leave a gap or two for peeking out.

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