What to do about Cypress aphids on your conifers


Our “gogga” of the month for May, Italian Cypress (or conifer) aphids, will leave sooty mould and stickiness (honeydew) and yellowing foliage on conifers

What does this mean for me/my plants?

Foliage starts to go yellow, shoots dieback and plants can eventually die

Suggested Action

Active from May to September. Damage can only be seen after the end of the winter season. Apply systemic granular or liquid insecticide every two weeks. Drench the soil if liquid formulation is used, or spread around the plant, in the ground and water well. Cypress aphids cannot be seen with the naked eye and damage is always seen too late. Preventative treatment is recommended from May to September. To note – Cypress aphids attach from inside to outer leaves. Must not be confused with fungal damage – fungal damage normally occurs from the outer leaves inwards. Visit your local GCA Garden Centre for advice on how to treat conifer aphids!

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