Monthly Top Plants


Capsicum annuum ‘Black Pearl’

  This ornamental pepper is an award winner with its glossy, dark foliage and black fruit. Capsicum annuum ‘Black Pearl’ peppers should be planted in moist, rich, well drained soil.
Spathiphyllum 14 cm in Glitter Dipped (White)

Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)

  Light: Low light Position:  Never place your Spathiphyllum in the direct sunlight. In nature it grows under a roof of leaves in the rain-forest, so it is used to life without much light.

Pentas lanceolata (Red, Pink, White)

  Do you enjoy butterflies in your garden? Pentas is a butterfly magnet. Clusters of star-shaped red, white or pink flowers cover this evergreen bush for most of the year.

Nandina domestica ‘Pygmaea’

This little evergreen shrub is used extensively for its compact bushy growth and exquisite foliage. Their colours are guaranteed to form an ever changing display through the different seasons.
Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 14.04.22

Hebe x franciscana ‘Variegata’

The name Hebe originates from Greek mythology where Hèbè was the name of the daughter of Hera and Zeus. This beautiful maiden was cupbearer of the gods and the goddesses of Mount Olympus, captivating them with her beauty and serving them sweet nectar and ambrosia.

Basil: Columnar

Ocimum basilicum var. (Columnar Basil) is also known as Greek Basil. Columnar Basil is a perennial plant that is strongly aromatic and is classified as a herb.