Monthly Top Plants

Chrysanths 14 cm (high)


Care instructions Light: High: Plant needs good light, but no direct sunlight Watering:  Water quite often, perhaps up to twice a week.
Spathiphyllum 14 cm in Glitter Dipped (White)

Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)

  Light: Low light Position:  Never place your Spathiphyllum in the direct sunlight. In nature it grows under a roof of leaves in the rain-forest, so it is used to life without much light.

Francis Mason (Abelia Grandiflora)

Abelia is an excellent choice for the landscape. It’s versatile and has many positive attractive leaves ranging from green to red with many cultivars to choose from- all with different unique attributes.

Pentas lanceolata (Red, Pink, White)

  Do you enjoy butterflies in your garden? Pentas is a butterfly magnet. Clusters of star-shaped red, white or pink flowers cover this evergreen bush for most of the year.