Monthly Top Plants

The camp fire plant

The Camp Fire plant (Crassula capitella)

A campfire’s stacked and crisscrossed wood, once lit, gives a magical light as it burns away and the Campfire succulent is aptly named, with its stacked propeller like leaves and beautiful red orange colour.
Gazania Family

‘Treasure Flowers’ – Gazania Family

The Gazania family is yet another of South Africa’s indigenous gems that provide unbeatable colour. They are known as ‘Botterblomme’ in Afrikaans and are often referred to as ‘Treasure Flowers’ in English.
Shasta Daisy

Shasta Daisy (Leucanthemum ‘White Mountain’)

This outstanding plant provides masses of stunning white blooms with large golden centres that create a wow factor in any garden.

Tree aloe (Aloe bainesii)

Also known as Aloe barberae Africa’s tallest aloe, forming branches, with orange spikes as flowers. A beautiful, hardy, indigenous winter bloomer which thrives in full fun.
Krantz aloe

Krantz aloe (Aloe arborescens)

Hardy, indigenous winter bloomer with attractive green foliage and orange spiky flowers. Enjoyed for its striking display of colour in winter and its many medicinal uses.


Botanical Name: Camellia japonica (The Japanese Camellia) Common Name: Camellia / The Rose of winter Camellia, is a genus of flowering plants in the family Theaceae (tea).

Cancer Bush (Sutherlandia frutescens)

Sutherlandia frutescens is an indigenous shrub known as the Cancer Bush, Balloon Pea, Blaasbossie or Hoenderbelletjie. It occurs naturally throughout the dry parts of South Africa.