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DIY Father’s Day Pallet Tool Hanger A gift for father's day

This month we’re celebrating all dads and father figures in our lives. Get the family involved with this practical, thoughtful, and fun DIY project.

June in the Garden Checklist for the outdoor artist Gardening Checklist

Consider the June garden as an inviting blank canvas, welcoming you to paint with a rainbow of winter blooms.

How to perfect the art of indoor gardening 101 Indoor Gardening

Indoor plants promote good mental health, super Zen vibes, texture, air purification, and something beautiful to appreciate as you go about your day.

Back to Basics with Creepers and Crawlers

Climbing plants and ground covers are the easiest way to level up your gardening game.

DIY African Mamma Planter A gift for mothers day

Here's the perfect gift for the eco-mom this Mother's Day! Give like a gardener with this stunning DIY planter made from an empty bottle, some South African flavour, a cute creeper, and a splash of creativity.

May in the Garden Checklist Gardening Checklist

Be a winter-winner, get your May maintenance in check, sow cool-season seeds, and grow with the flow as we enter our last month of autumn.

Throwing shade at the sun Shade gardening

Gone are the days when shady means barren! This month, Life is a Garden is shedding light on darker spaces with a little shade-spiration to bring all areas of the garden to life.

How leaves change colour – an experiment for kids

Autumn is a colourful time for trees and a curious invitation to all young gardeners.

Giving life to 2021’s trends Trends Article

When life gives us manure, gardeners make compost! As such, Life is a Garden would like to invite all green fingers to welcome 2021 as The Great Reset – a time to reconnect with our home space, a chance to grow food and deepen our connection with nature, an opportunity to shape remote working environments, and the ideal excuse to expand outdoor entertainment areas.

April in the Garden Checklist Gardening Checklist

Like the calm before the cool, winter preparations are smooth sailing this month with Life is a Garden’s crisp April checklist.
March Checklist

March in the Garden Checklist Gardening Checklist

As the last month of summer comes to an end, it’s time to start preparing the garden for autumn and winter growing.
Growing radish in 25 days

Ravishing Radish DIY for Kids Growing radish in 25 days

With Easter just around the corner, get the kids excited and outdoors with this DIY Ravishing Radish growing project.
companion plants

Why your veggies need friends Companion Plants

Companion planting means growing certain plants close together for their mutually beneficial effects, such as pest protection or growth enhancement.
February in the garden, checklist

February in the Garden Checklist Gardening Checklist

Nurture your darling garden this month of love by sowing delicious edibles and magnificent flowers.
January in the Garden Life is a Garden

January in the Garden Checklist January Check List

The new year is always a great time to start afresh and get back into the garden.
January in the garden life is a garden

January in the Garden – Back to Basics in the New Year. Back to Basics in the New Year

Garden Nutrition Like us, plants require food to keep them healthy and strong.

December in the Garden December Check List

Happy holidays is the theme and sentiment this month across much of the world.

November in the Garden November Check List

The garden in November is usually filled with a rich colour palette of late spring blooms.

October in the Garden October Check List

October is the month of flowering profusion with the queen of flowers, the rose, putting on a glorious first flush of blooms in the Highveld.

September in the Garden September Check List

September always kicks off with Arbor Week and this year it officially kicks off on Monday 31 August and runs until Friday 4 September.